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Tips For Improving Listening Skills in Children With ADHD

Having ADHD can make it hard for any child to experience a classroom, particularly when listening. Thankfully, several steps can be taken by parents, children, and teachers to help students with ADHD develop their listening skills and overall school experience. Here are our best tips for improving children with ADHD listening ability skills:

Have Students Clap Back a Pattern

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When introducing a fresh activity or giving instructions, begin by clapping your students with a sequence. Then, knock it back to you. Repeat pattern until the pattern is clapped back by each student. This will ensure that every student is tuned in to what you’re saying and that they hear the directions you’re about to deliver. When students with ADHD are able to clap back a pattern properly, it shows they are listening to the teacher.

Play Games that Require Listening

Improve listening skills by playing games in the school and at home that involve listening. Pass the parcel, Musical Chairs, and Name that tune? are some excellent examples of games that require students with ADHD to listen.

Ask Questions Throughout Tasks

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As your child with ADHD is in the classroom or at home completing tasks, ask them questions about what they are doing. You can question them about their present move or what they intend to do next. By having them talk to you about tasks or explain what they’re doing, you can ensure they’re focused on the task at hand and that they listened to their instructions. This can not only encourage them to listen more at the start but also ensure that they stay focused throughout.

Always Encourage When Instructions are Being Given

If a child has a hard time listening always inspire them when instructions are provided, especially if they have questions. This will allow them to continue listening without interrupting the instructions, and it will give them the opportunity to get the question out of their mind temporarily. Then, give all students the opportunity to ask the questions they’ve recorded later, once all the instructions have been provided.

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