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Welcome to IIAHP Chandigarh

IIAHP Therapy Center and Learning School in Sector 35 Chandigarh, (Ph-9815652162). We provide Down Syndrome Treatment, Dyslexia Treatment, Autism treatment, Developmental Delay Treatment, Cerebral Palsy Treatment, Mental Retardation Treatment, Speech Therapy, Slow Learners Treatment, ADHD Treatment, and Therapies for Special Needs Children etc. We Take New Children All Year.

  • All children are improving
  • We Provide treatment for the children of age group 2 to 17 years old.
  • Many international Techniques under one roof
  • Foreign Therapists visit IIAHP twice a year for teaching new techniques to IIAHP Staff.
  • Senior IIAHP Staff takes training in foreign countries to keep the team updated about latest techniques for best results.
  • Fully air-conditioned office.
  • 100% area under CCTV surveillance and parents are allowed to check footage whenever they want to check for any doubts in their mind.
  • We also give homeopathy.
  • The advanced intellectual program that includes Reading, Maths, Encyclopedia, etc. for all-round development of the child.
  • Home programs also available for distant/foreign parents.
  • We give guidance for nutrition, supplements, and diet.


Autism is estimated to affect one in every 150 births in America.

Down Syndrome

By now the reader should be aware that I do not believe that things have to remain…

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is the complete or partial loss of motor control due to injury to…

Speech Delay

I am yet to meet a child whos speech is delayed and everything else is perfect.


Children can be hyperactive for many reasons. There is an insult/injury to …

Brain Injury

We believe that there is an injury to the brain and based on the symptoms

Special Therapies

autism spectrum disorders

Ora Facial

We work with 12 facial reflexes and also work inside the mouth. Chewing and sucking becomes better, child starts eating varied food, speech improves, and many other improvements.

gym therapy

Brain Gym Therapy

Brain Gym activities can be used to develop abilities such as rhythm, sequencing, motor co-ordination, as well as visual and auditory processing skills. The Brain Gym also helps to release the effects of emotional stress and trauma.


Audio Visual Therapy

Extensive work on stimulating and normalizing audio and visual system. Helps to increase eye contact and child starts responding to verbal commands well.

cerebral palsy

Feldenkrais Method

A manual excercise therapy to bring awareness of body and to improve body functions. Works very well for cerebral palsy.

reading program

Reading Program

Reading Program works well like a charm with 100% success. All children at IIAHP learn to read. This is a foundation stone for our next levels that includes book reading, writing, etc

listening therapy

Dr Guy Beard's and Dr Tomatis Auditory Integration Therapy (AIT)

A music based auditory stimulation method to bring the auditory system into balance. Works wonderfully for autisitic and down’s syndrome children.



Each reflex must integrate on the sensory-motor level. If the central nervous system response is abnormal, then the expression and development of the reflex pattern will be inappropriate.

Dyslexia Treatment


Neuro-Structural therapy is used to optimize neuro motor and reflex integration. Hyper-activeness reduces, body awareness increases and neuro motor reflexes start working well.



Balance Board exercise and activities can be used to develop abilities such as rhythm, sequencing, motor co-ordination, as well as visual and auditory processing skills.

art therapy


A form of psychotherapy involving the encouragement of free self-expression through painting, drawing, or modelling, used as a remedial or diagnostic activity.



Changing Lives Of Children with Autism , Down’s Syndrome and other developmental disabilities through Vision Therapy



Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program.

Vision and Mission Statement

To provide the latest and the best therapies available in the world based on the latest research in the human brain development, to put the children back on the right neurological developmental path/track so they can start progressing like a typical child. we use the latest therapies used in Europe and USA that bring fast results.

Parents Say About Us

Parent Feedback about IIAHP

Navneet Singh
Navneet Singh
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We took home plan from IIAHP for my kid and after 6 months of therapy we observed lot of improvements, staff is very well trained and very helpful. We are very satisfied with IIAHP service. We would recommend IIAHP to parents.
Manish Duphar
Manish Duphar
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Dear team iiahp and all other readers I would really like to thank the whole team of iiahp for giving all guidances and support to my child. I strongly suggest all parents to get their child treated at the earliest and overcome this condition of autism.
Komal Rehan
Komal Rehan
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My child has shown remarkable improvement. A thorough assessment of my child was done after which we took a home plan. All excercises were well explained. And the staff was so cooperative and just a call away if i wanted to clear any doubt. This centre provides reading plan too which my little boy enjoyed a lot. Highly recommend this place.
Bikramjit Singh
Bikramjit Singh
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We have been following IIAHP Home plan for our daughter (Down Syndrome) since last one year. There is lot of improvement in her physical and intellectual growth. It has enhanced her reading and speaking ability, she is able to identify many objects and words. She has become very active and confident.
Sahil Sharma
Sahil Sharma
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Respected sir/Madam Suryansh (3years old)found improved in speech thrapy day by day treated by IIAHP Chandigarh sec 35 c.We are humbly thankful to this IIAHP agency chandigarh
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh
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I took home plan from IIAHP for my son and after 2 months of therapy I Observe a lot of improvement in all aspects and the given exercises and therapies help our child to overcome delays. Staff at IIAHP is trained and very helpful and teach parents as well and explain everything with ease. I would highly recommend this centre to every parent.
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IIAHP Home Plan is really very much impressive. With in a week, we can see immediate progress in child's behaviour. Gradually it keeps enhancing overall children's behaviour including understanding, learning skills, environmental awareness and speech. After 2 months of Home Plan we have seen drastic change in overall development like he has started learning and observing things/happenings on his own.
Anshu Gill
Anshu Gill
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My child was diagnosed with developmental delay. I was very tense about his future then I heard about them and brought my child here for assessment, and took their home based treatment and after few months i started to see results in my child , now my son is able to think, his speaking skills improved after this ,in my opinion they have very good team works with dedication and i am satisfied with the results…Thanks IIAHP team
Shikha Tanwer
Shikha Tanwer
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All the staff members are too cooperative & ready to resolve queries as soon as possible.. Very Good experience with Reading department...my daughter shows tremendous changes... thank you IIAHP for making our Life so smooth with this Great Therapy Centre
Roshan Ghauhan
Roshan Ghauhan
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IIAHP inke result kafi ache h mene bhi apni beti jo ki lgbhg 2 year ki hone pr bhi na crawling bhi nhi krti thi.phir mene yha se home plan liya tha jisko krane k 1mhine k andr hi mujhe kafi behtr result dekhne ko mile ab meri beti crawling krne lgi h or creeping ki bhi koshish kr rhi h

Our Goals & Objectives

The IIAHP Charitable Trust is a nonprofit charitable Trust that provides therapies to help Brain Injured Children heal to become normal well human beings.


Our goal is to improve intellect, physical abilities and social abilities of the special child. We want them to become well like any other normal child. The special child should read, write, speak, hear , see, feel touch, move as good as a well neuro-typical child.

We do accept severe children also, and do our best so they become well.

Where there is life there is hope.

We need to give the special children an excellent chance to become well. Our therapies provide exactly that.

In special children, the brain development and growth has either has slowed down or stopped due to injury to the brain. However, our therapies can speed up the brain development and growth, putting back the child on track to catch up with his/her peers.

Our therapies increase the visual, auditory and tactile stimulation to the brain. Based on the child needs, we adjust the frequency, intensity and duration of the stimulation.

We also work on gross and fine motor skills, language and speech development.

Get In Touch!

Phone Number




#2529, Sector-35/C,
Chandigarh (U.T.) India


*  IIAHP Brain Achievement Center is a non-medical, drug-free program for kids who struggle. It is important for you to know that IIAHP Brain Achievement Center does not clinically diagnose medical conditions.

We take new children all year.

New Center opening soon in California, USA

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