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Like other skills and milestones, at the age in which children learn languages and start talking, they may vary. Many children say “Mama” and “Dada” before their first birthday, and most children can say about 20 words until 18 months. But what if the 2-year-old child is not talking yet or keeps only two words together then the child needs speech therapy to say words clearly.

Knowing what is “normal” and what is not in the development of speech and language, can help parents to find out whether there is a reason to worry or not.

We provide the best foreign speech therapies to the children of age group 2 to 17 years old.

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After the initial diagnosis of delay in speech, specific speech therapy techniques will be determined for each child. There are many therapies available for children that have been diagnosed with a speech delay, and for each child, the speech therapy needed differs with the degree, severity, and cause of the delay.


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We have the best-trained speech therapist to provide all these therapies.

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How Long it takes for Speech Therapy to Work?

It takes some time, effort and patience to overcome a speech and language disorder. In complete honesty, it cannot be calculated beforehand how much time it will take for speech therapy to work. However, there are certain factors that affect the duration for which speech therapy will be required. These include:
  • Nature & severity of the speech challenge
  • Frequency of therapy
  • Age group of the child
  • Any underlying medical condition or its treatment
  • Proficiency of the therapist
Don’t forget that the involvement of parents in the treatment of speech delay matters very much. Children whose parents show more interest in the treatment process have proven to see more progress in their speech and language development skill. IIAHP has a team of well-qualified and experienced speech therapists in chandigarh who can treat a wide range of speech disorders in children.

Signs And Symptoms

A child who does not respond to sound or who is not vocalizing should be seen by a doctor immediately. But often, it is difficult for parents to know whether their child is taking some time to reach the milestone of speech or language, or if there is a problem that requires attention and speech therapy.

  • by 12 months: is not using gestures, like pointing or waving bye-bye
  • Prefer gestures over vocals to communicate.
  • by 18 months: has trouble in copying sounds
  • has Difficulty to understand simple verbal requests is a common sign of speech delay
  • by 2 years: can only imitate speech or actions but doesn’t produce words or phrases spontaneously.
  • Up to 2 years: only to say a few sounds or words repeatedly and cannot use oral language to communicate more with their urgent needs.
  • by 2 years: cannot follow simple directions (Speech Therapy For Kids 0 -5 Years)
  • Up to 2 years: There is an unusual sound of voice & it is difficult to understand them expected for his  age:
  • Parents and regular caregivers should understand half-child speech in about 2 years and about three quarters in 3 years.
  • By the age of 4, a child should be mostly understood, even by those people who do not know the child.

If your child shows any of these sign in childhood, then contact us for best speech therapist in chandigarh.

Causes Of Speech Delay

Many times, delays and loss of speech are due to a physical disruption in the mouth, such as deformed frenulum, lips or palate. If the speed or ability to make words and appropriate sounds is impaired, then the child may be slow to pick up words and the ability to shape their mouth and tongue in the formation of words can be lacking.

There are other more serious concerns, which can be caused due to the neurological organization of the brain. Neurological disorganization mainly means a lack of communication between the left and right hemisphere of the brain. A speech therapist helps to make communication between both hemispheres.

speech problems in children may have the following symptoms:

  • Speech mechanism in which the speech is associated with hearing loss, motor speech.
  • Psychosocial issues in which the impairment is associated with a caregiver, environment of the school, and the child’s own behaviors such as aggression and maturity
  • Several other reasons for the delay in speech include biological children’s phonological disorder autism spectrum disorder, childhood apraxia, prematurity, auditory processing disorder, cognitive impairment, and hearing loss.
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Effects Of Speech Delay

Studies show that speech problems in children are more likely to be present with behavioral and social-emotional problems both in childhood and as adults. So they need speech therapy and many of our other techniques to overcome these problems.

A deficit in reading and learning skills are common side effects for children, which are delayed in speech.

Similar studies suggest that children with speech delays are likely to have difficulty in bonding with peers, and difficulty in communicating which could have negative effects on their psychosocial health later in life.

Speech Therapy For ADHD Child

It is quite natural for children suffering from ADHD to face difficulties during speech, language and communication skills development. This is so because ADHD children are often seen struggling with the new things they learn every day. As such, they are unable to understand the words they listen to during a conversation and consequently face problems with speech and language. Children who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) normally require help with social communication, language understanding, facial expressions and listening skills. Other than this, they seem to be inattentive all the time and have trouble regarding basic social skills as well. They also start interfering when other people are talking, talk too loudly themselves and often speak inefficiently.

Many studies and research have shown that children with ADHD are at a greater risk of suffering from speech delay or similar disorders. When they can’t even communicate about their day-to-day lives, the situation can be frustrating for the child as well as for the other members of the family. Children suffering from speech and communication difficulties due to ADHD or otherwise can benefit greatly from the speech therapy of IIAHP. After a few successful therapy sessions, children can not only begin to learn effective communication skills but will benefit in their academic achievement and social skills as well.

Speech therapy can help children with ADHD overcome the challenges they face, improving their speech, language, comprehension, social and communication skills. A variety of methods can be used depending on the specific needs of the children. Once the type and severity of the difficulty are determined, the therapists can begin treatment according to the treatment plan tailored to the needs and abilities of the children with ADHD. IIAHP is a well-renowned speech therapy center in India that specializes in helping children with ADHD. Speech delays caused due to other reasons like hearing impairments, autism, fluency disorders or developmental delay, etc. are treated as well. Different programs, training and exercises are conducted in the presence of our professionals who have expertise in treating children with speech and language disorders. Moreover, the therapy shows a higher chance of success if intervention starts at a younger age and is practiced regularly at home in addition to the therapy center.

Why Choose IIAHP For Speech Therapist In Chandigarh

Best Speech therapy results in the whole country and all speech delay children are improving with our therapies. Many international Techniques under one roof is provided by IIAHP. Foreign therapists visit IIAHP twice a year for teaching new techniques of speech therapy to Staff.

IIAHP Senior Staff takes training in foreign countries to keep the team up to date about the latest techniques and for the best results with speech therapy near me. Fully air-conditioned center and the full area is covered under CCTV surveillance, all parents are allowed to check footage for their convenience if they have any doubts in their mind. We also provide homeopathy.

Our therapy center takes new children all year. We also provide the leading intellectual program that includes an encyclopedia, Reading and Maths, etc. for all-round development of a child.
Home programs of speech therapy are also available for distant/foreign parents. We give the best guidance for, supplements, nutrition, and diet.

We also provide Down Syndrome TreatmentAutism Treatment, etc.

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