A Drug-Free and Non-Medical Holistic Approach To Get Your Child on Track.

Feldenkrais Therapy

Feldenkrais Method

A manual excercise to bring awareness of body and to improve body functions. Works very well for cerebral palsy.

Masgutova Method

Dr. Kaplan's Prism Therapy

Dr Kaplan’s Prism Visual-Vestibular Integration

Changing Lives Of Children with Autism , Down’s Syndrome and other developmental disabilities through Vision Program

Balance board

Balance Board

Balance Board exercise and activities can be used to develop abilities such as rhythm, sequencing, motor co-ordination, as well as visual and auditory processing skills.

Art For Sensory Integration

A form of psychotherapy involving the encouragement of free self-expression through painting, drawing, or modelling, used as a remedial or diagnostic activity.

Gravity Free Program

Handle Program

To improve learning, reading, communication, sleep, behaviour, reduced stress and anxiety, and much more…….

Music Program

Music Program is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music Program.

Neuro-Structural Reflex Integration

Neuro-Structural Reflex Integration is used to optimize neuro motor and reflex integration. Hyper-activeness reduces, body awareness increases and neuro motor reflexes start working well.

Reading Program

Reading Program works well like a charm with 100% success. All children at IIAHP learn to read. This is a foundation stone for our next levels that includes book reading, writing, etc

Re-Pat for Reflex Integration

Each reflex must integrate on the sensory-motor level. If the central nervous system response is abnormal, then the expression and development of the reflex pattern will be inappropriate.

Neuro-Tactile Integration

NeuroTactile system integration results in the relaxation of the brain stem defensive reflexes and opens the nervoussystem to an experience of safety and hence emotional and behavioral regulation improves and healthy motor, communication, and cognitive development can proceed.

Archetype Movement Integration

Archetype motor movements help in the maturation and integration of more complex reflexes. This includes primary motor reflex patterns, motor reflex schemes, and the development of learned motor skills.

Visual And Auditory Reflexes Integration

Extensive work on stimulating and normalizing audio and visual system. Helps to increase eye contact and child starts responding to verbal commands well.

Brain Gym

Brain Gym activities can be used to develop abilities such as rhythm, sequencing, motor co-ordination, as well as visual and auditory processing skills. The Brain Gym also helps to release the effects of emotional stress and trauma.

Nutrition, Supplements & Diet

Nutrition, Supplements & Diet


RDI (Relationship Developmental Intervention)

Mathematics Program

Oral-Facial Reflex Integration

We work with 12 facial reflexes and also work inside the mouth. Chewing and sucking becomes better, child starts eating varied food, speech improves, and many other improvements.

Time & Money Program

Program For Better Vision

Dr Guy Berard’s and Dr Tomatis Auditory Integration (AIT)

A music based auditory stimulation method to bring the auditory system into balance. Works wonderfully for autisitic and down’s syndrome children.

Law Program & Civil Code

Good Behaviour Program

Floor Program

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