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How it works!

How does it works at IIAHP:

First step is to take an appointment for assessment by calling our reception no 7419502101, 9815652162

Assessment takes over 2 to 4 hours and after assessment we will be able to give a realistic estimate (based on our clinical experience), that what is the current neurological age for the child’s brain and how far behind the child is in terms of his/her neurological, intellectual as well physiological development. And from that we do get a realistic estimate of time needed for full recovery.
After assessment, the parent needs to take another appointment for taking a home plan. For parents coming from far, we recommend taking both appointments before coming to IIAHP, and plan to stay overnight, so assessment and home plan can be given in one visit, spread over two days.

We also have in-clinic program done by our staff where child has to come to center daily for 2 to 4 hours, however we are not having any availability there and there is a waiting list of almost  3 to 6 months after you register.

The home plan works as follows:
You pay Rs 2000 for Developmental Profile Assessment and Rs 18000 to cover home plan over 6 months, that includes three visits and many video calls. And after 6 months of Home program, there will be renewal of home program for next 6 months, as full recovery will take time but child will start improving and coming on track within a month or two. The home plan includes diet plan as well as intellectual program. As part of intellectual plan, we’ll train the parents on how to increase child’s intelligence, even when speech is not there yet. So, you’ll be trained to focus on all the important aspects for a good brain development.

During each visit to the center, we will gather parent feedback regarding the child, work with the child, train the parents how and what to do next 2 months, let parents make a video of the next 2 months protocol to be followed, give written instructions. After going home , parents do the program daily and send us a video clip after a week. We review the video clips of parents working with their child as per IIAHP home plan, and have a follow up call to make any corrections as needed(It usually takes 2 to 5 business days to get back to you).

It can take 1 to 2 weeks to get an appointment. So please call in advance and take appointment. Please do not come without appointment, as we are very busy and you wont be able to meet us without appointment. We prefer that both mom and dad come along with the child.

Almost all children are improving at IIAHP and most are improving significantly. Many have improved to the point where they have become well like their well peers and going to normal schools and performing well in all aspects. Many children couldnt walk, started walking with our interventions, many who could not speak, started speaking and even reading and writing, many lost their autism label. We have hundreds of success stories. Our interventions work well with most central nervous system issues, like Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Speech delay, ADHD, Learning Disability, PDD, etc etc.

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