Objectives - Therapy Center For Autism Down's Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy

Goals and Objectives

1) The Goal of The Institute

Our goal is to improve intellect, physical abilities and social abilities of the special child. We want them to become well like any other normal child. The special child should read, write, speak, hear , see, feel touch, move as good as a well neuro-typical child.
We do accept severe children also, and do our best so they become well.

2) The Philosophy Of The Institute

Where there is life there is hope.
We need to give the special children an excellent chance to become well. Our therapies provide exactly that.

3) The Principles of Treatment of The Institute

In special children, the brain development and growth has either has slowed down or stopped due to injury to the brain. However our therapies can speed up the brain development and growth, putting back the child on track to catch up with his/her peers.
Our therapies increase the visual, auditory and tactile stimulation to the brain. Based on the child needs, we adjust the frequency, intensity and duration of the stimulation. We also work on gross and fine motor skills, language and speech development.

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