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Reading and Communication program for children with special needs

All children love to learn new things whether it’s reading or speaking new words or communicating with others but what if they are unable to do reading and communication with others. Such suffering of a child makes difficult for parents to communicate and understand their needs. So we usually organize meetings with parents whose children are suffering from such problems. The meeting was about the reading program we provide, what will be the impact of our techniques in parents and child’s life. In addition to this, stress was laid on highlighting the importance of reading.

If any child is having a problem with reading and communication, speech or language then our therapies show the best and fast results at an early age of the kid.

What is reading for a child?

Reading is a neurological function which helps the child’s brain to grow, it also increases understanding or helps communicate with others. Brain injured child actually reads faster than reciting the words. Children are always curious to know about every information around them. Lots of parents think that if the child is not speaking then he/she can not read but the fact is that the child’s brain is swift in learning. So start reading with them at an early age of the child. We provide a reading program which is a part of speech therapy and has shown best results in children with autism, Down syndrome, developmental delay and ADHD.

How parents can communicate with the child?

Baby keeps looking for different ways to communicate if he can get our attention, he will ultimately succeed. Reading helps to improve speech with our choice board program. With the help of this program, the baby does their very best to talk back.

The choice board quickly gives your baby another way of communication and brings you and your baby closer together.  

How to identify reading difficulty in a child

In our reading program, there are some very basic steps that parents can follow. This will not only enhance the child’s reading but also vocabulary, communication, understanding, language, and speech. We first assess the child and evaluate on the basis of their ability to read, to response and to understand. Then we follow the process according to the child’s level of issues and then provide Intellectual programs that are directly linked to speech therapy. Here are some points with the help of these parents can diagnose if their child is having trouble or not:-

  • Does your child read words?
  • Is it possible for a child to comprehend the whole sentence?
  • Does your child have a color perception? 
  • Does your child able to read small font size sentences?

Parents are connected with us having the best results of reading which is further improving a child’s speech because if the child will not comprehend or what does it mean, he will never be able to convey his/her emotions to anyone.

Parents are receiving the best results with our reading program which comes in speech therapy. Also, many of the children have shown wonderful results with consistent therapies. A home plan is also taken by many parents, it is for the parents who are living in distant places or parents choose to do therapies by themselves at home. Our therapies and techniques help a child’s overall brain development and also attain sustainable growth in them.

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