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Autism Treatment

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a comprehensive term used to describe a group of neurodevelopmental disorders. It is characterized by problems with communication and social interaction. Children with ASD can recover with our autism treatment techniques.  People with Autism Spectrum Disorder often display repetitive and stereotyped interests or patterns of behavior. Children suffering from autism have trouble communicating.

They are having difficulty in understanding what other people think and feel. This makes them very difficult to express themselves with words or through gestures, facial expressions, and touch. We provide the best Autism treatment in Chandigarh to the children of age group 2 to 17 years old. Good news is that, all our children taking treatment from IIAHP are improving significantly. We strive to make every child well like a normal well child, so once he recovers at IIAHP, he can go anywhere and excel like a well normal child.

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Autism Therapies Treatments

When a child is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, then the family faces the next challenge: Choosing autism treatment and therapies for a child. What are these treatments and therapies? How much do you know about them? How can a family best evaluate whether a therapy for autism treatment is working for their child?

We provide the best therapies for an autistic child and show the best results in treatment. Our therapies are curative, while all children improve significantly, a fairly big percentage can recover completely and lead normal lives.
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Parent Reviews !! Autism Disorder Treatment

Autism Treatment - Our Approach and Methods

Our multi disciplinary approach involves neurosensory reflex integration therapies, Audio Visual Integration Therapies, Ora-Facial Reflex Integration Therapies, Auditory Integration Program, Vision Therapy, Floor Program to integrate Vestibular, Proprioceptive and spacial systems, Behavior Therapy, Reading Program, Match Program, Prism Therapy, Art Therapy, Balance Board, Brain Gym, homeopathy and dietary changes. As soon the child is diagnosed with ASD, parents can follow different approach toward helping their kids depending on the symptoms and severity. We also offer Home Autism Treatment Plan where families bring their child to IIAHP once every 2 months and do the program at home. Some foreign families are taking Home Plans over zoom calls also.

Good news is that all children coming to IIAHP are improving. The therapy approach is individualized for each child based on their specific disability. Some children are improving very fast and a few are slow. We believe we know a lot to be able to cure a big percentage of children coming to us. But few children pose a challenge by being slow improvers and by each passing year we are learning more and more as we research these cases,  and hence we are able to help more and more children recover faster.

Educational approach in special schools for the treatment of autism doesn’t help children as it is flawed in its approach. We believe and see in our clinical experience that, when we work with children at IIAHP, their brain become more organized. As the brain becomes more organized and starts functioning more and more like a normal well child, the various symptoms of autism fade away and so does the diagnosis. Hence once the child graduates from IIAHP after recovery, he excels every where like a well child would.

IIAHP offers one of the Best Autism Treatments in India.

Types of Autism !! Autism Spectrum disorder

Autism spectrum disorder can be categorized into following sub-categories based on severity of symptoms:

Autistic disorder – It refers to problems with social contact, communication and imaginative play in children under 3 years of age.

Asperger’s Syndrome -These children have no problem with language – in fact, they score in the average or above on intelligence test. But they have only social problem and there is a limited scope of interests as children with ASD.

Pervasive developmental disorder or PDD – also called atypical autism. This is a type of catch-all category for children who have some autistic behavior but who do not fit in other categories.

Childhood disintegrative disorder – These children develop normally for at least two years and then lose some of their communication or social skills. This is a very rare disorder.

Every child is different, so we create a therapy plan separately for each child, as per his/her needs. All our children with Autism are improving significantly and many has lost the label of Autism. Autism is just a label given to a set of symptoms. With our therapies, the child’s brain gets organized like a well child, and symptoms vanish, and hence they loose the Autism label.

Autism Symptoms In Children

Symptoms of autism appear during the first three years of life and need proper attention and treatment plan. Our approach for autism treatment is very different from rest of therapy centers across India. We have brought these therapies from different parts of the world, and we brought only those interventions that are very effective and fast. Some autistic children show symptoms from birth. Others begin to develop normally initially, only to slip suddenly into symptoms when they are 18 to 36 months old. However, it is now recognized that some children can not show signs of communication disorder unless the demands of the environment exceed their capabilities. Autism in boys is four times more common than in girls. Children suffering from autism need proper treatment asap with our best therapies.

Autism symptoms in children usually become apparent between 12 to 24 months of age. Our autism therapy techniques are very effective to put the child back on track for normal development.

Early symptoms may include a marked language delay or delay in social development.

  • Difficulties in communication, sharing feelings, sharing interests, or maintaining conversation back-to-back
  • Nonverbal communication issues, such as difficulty in maintaining eye contact or reading body language
  • Lack of eye contact
  • Difficulty in developing and maintaining relationships
  • Repetitive motions, movements or speech patterns
  • Rigid adherence to specific behaviours
  • Increased or decreased sensitivity to specific sensory information from their environment, such as negative feedback of a specific sound.

If your child shows any of these symptoms contact us for Autism Treatment in Chandigarh/India.

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Causes of Autism !! Autism Therapy Center

Exactly why autism happens is not clear. Research suggests that when a pregnant woman is exposed to some chemicals or drugs or stress, her child is more likely to be an autistic child. These risk factors include the use of alcohol, maternal metabolic conditions such as diabetes and obesity and antisocial drugs during pregnancy.

Research suggests that it can be caused by abnormalities in parts of the brain that interpret sensory input and process language and child improves with early intervention autism therapy.

Some of the suspected risk factors of autism children include:

  • An injury or insult to the nervous system due to environmental factors.
  • An unexpected reaction to vaccines. There is a lot of talk about the MMR vaccine causing autism.
  • Sedentary lifestyle, using too many electronic gadgets like TV, smartphone, etc, do add to Autistic behavior.
  • Delicate X Syndrome and Other Genetic Disorders
  • Low weight on birth
  • Metabolic imbalance
  • In connection with heavy metals and environmental toxins
  • History of viral infection

Our autism treatment techniques are very effective and children quickly start improving.

Effects of Autism on Children

Children suffering from autism spectrum disorder cannot reach the milestones of development similar to their peers, or they can demonstrate the loss of previously developed social or language skills.

For example, a neurologically well 2-year-old shows interest in the simple games. A neurologically well 4-year-old child can enjoy engaging in activities with other children. A child suffering from autism may have difficulty in communicating with others or it can be completely disliked.

If your child has autism, then contact us for the best treatment of autism.

Diagnosis of Autism

There is no certain medical or lab test available to see the signs for Autism spectrum disorder. However, there is a way to find out if a child is suffering from ASD or not. Doctors do so by observing the behavior of the children and checking any signs of developmental delays. Parents who see symptoms like language delay or delay in social development, avoiding eye contact, restricted social interactions, lack of responsiveness, etc. should get their children diagnosed by a specialist.

The main challenge in the diagnosis of ASD is that the symptoms and their severity vary from one child to another. Studies have also shown that it is more difficult to observe ASD symptoms in girl child, called as camouflage effect. Some individuals can also go to adulthood without being diagnosed. An ASD specialist can however perform the diagnosis on the basis of following:

Certain tests to check the hearing, speech, language and other development in children can hint about autistic disorder in children. Such children suffer from sensory issues as well.

Children who might be suffering from ASD will find it hard to even make an eye contact with others, let alone have a conversation with others. Social interactions, communication skills and public behavior if observed carefully can tell a lot about autism.

Genetic testing can help identify a genetic disorder in children such as Rett syndrome or fragile X syndrome that can be a cause for autism.

Observe cognitive level and other life skills of the child like eating habits, how he/ she brushes teeth, dressing skills, etc. and on the basis of these observations determine the presence and severity of ASD.

Why Choose IIAHP For Autism Treatment

IIAHP has the best success rate in the Autism treatment, all across India. All children are improving with our Autism Interventions. We take new children with Autism all year. We employ several international Techniques under one roof. In our IIAHP therapy center, foreign therapists visit twice in a year for teaching new techniques of Autism treatment to our Staff. Senior IIAHP Staff takes training in foreign countries to keep the team updated about latest techniques for the best result with therapies. Our therapy center is fully air-conditioned and 100% the area under CCTV surveillance for the convenience of parents, they are allowed to check the footage whenever they want to check for any doubts in their mind.
We give guidance for nutrition, supplements, and diet. We give homeopathy also for best results. We have also made available home programs for distant/foreign parents.
For all-around development of the Autistic child, we provide the advanced intellectual program that includes Reading, Maths, Encyclopedia, etc.
We also provide Down Syndrome treatmentCerebral Palsy treatment, etc. 

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