The IIAHP Achievement Center Ten Principles

The Ten Principles of IIAHP Achievement Center.

IIAHP Achievement Center and the success of implementing the program are based on these ten unique concepts:

1) Childhood Neurobehavioral and Neuroacademic Disorders are one Condition With Different Sets of Symptoms.  

IIAHP Achievement Center recognizes the majority of childhood neurological conditions as one disorder, Functional Disconnection Syndrome (FDS). Children display different symptoms depending on the part of the imbalanced brain.

2) The Electrical Imbalance of The left And The Right Hemisphere of The Brain That Puts The Brain Out of Sync.

disconnection syndrome

All human activities and functions are distributed in either the brain’s left or right side, not both. However, the brain must work as a whole to function properly. Symptoms of FDS differ depending on whether the dysfunction is caused by a reduction of function or an exaggeration of function in one hemisphere or a reduction in function on one side and an exaggeration of function in the other.

3) The Problem and The Dysfunction Must be Accurately Identified.

IIAHP Achievement Center is specialized to assess, document, and objectively quantify Functional Disconnection Syndrome through the use of state-of-art testing in specific areas of function.

4) The Only Way to Correct The Problem is to Fix The Imbalance, Not Treat The Symptoms.

Imbalance Symptoms

Fix the imbalanced function and the symptoms go away. Treat the symptoms with medication – the current and most popular approach – and the brain functions will never improve. Symptoms will return as soon as the medication wears off.

5) It is Necessary to Address All Functional problems in The Brain Individually.

If all the dysfunctions in the brain are not corrected, the symptoms will return and the problem will continue. Each function must be addressed one at a time.

6) Success is Achievable Through A Hemispheric-Based Program.

Stimulating the side of the brain that is out of balance without directly affecting the other side is the only way to correct the imbalance. IIAHP Achievement Center uses a three-pronged program that includes sensory, motor and academic exercises; behavioral techniques; and the nutritional program.

7) The Same Time Integration Synchronizes The Brain back.

IIAHP Achievement Center program addresses each impaired function individually at first and gradually integrates exercises to achieve balance in the timing and rhythm between the left and the right side of the brain. The same time integration gets the brain back in sync.

8) The Brain and Body Must Grow in Coordination.

brain body

IIAHP Achievement Center is based on new science that shows that if the body is out of balance, the brain is out of balance, and vice versa to an equal degree.

9) The problems are Not primarily genetic and are therefore curable.

IIAHP Achievement Center is based on the scientifically backed belief that the various symptoms of Functional Disconnection Syndrome are primarily the result of environmental factors. Genetic predisposition results from environmental factors that only affect how a gene or genes are expressed.

10) Parents Play a Key Role in the Success of A Child.

achievement Center

Parents play a very important role in the child’s success. They must be motivated and fully involved in motivating their children to complete the required tasks. Correcting a social, behavior and learning disability through professional guidance and school involvement alone is not enough. However, using them in conjunction with the specified program can be a great help for parents and can even help improve results.

IIAHP Achievement Center provides the best therapies for Autism Treatment, Special Needs Children and ADHD Treatment with 100% results, we have helped over 2,000 families with our foreign treatments and therapies.

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