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Down Syndrome Treatment

Down syndrome (sometimes called Down’s syndrome) it is a condition in which a child is born with an additional copy of its 21st chromosome, its second name is Trisomy 21. In other words, Trisomy 21 and Down Syndrome Treatment refer to the same disorder.

Genes hold the keys how your body looks and works. They are responsible for everything from the color of your hair, how you digest your food. So if something goes wrong with them, then it can have a far-reaching effect. Children with Down syndrome born with an additional chromosome. Chromosomes are bundles of genes, and your body depends only on keeping the correct number. With Down syndrome, this extra chromosome leads to many issues that affect you mentally and physically. Our down syndrome treatment greatly help Down Syndrome children to improve. We provide effective therapies to the children of age group 2 to 17 years old.

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Down Syndrome Treatment

Down syndrome has no cure but there are other ways through which the suffering children can be helped. Although there is no medical treatment, some therapies and physical exercises can help children in making their life easier. The type and duration of therapy applied to a child depends on the extent of the syndrome. Since every Down Syndrome Child is different in terms of severity of symptoms, the techniques used for down syndrome therapy are different for each child.

Most children with down syndrome have hypotonia (low muscle tone) which may slow their physical growth and if the down syndrome treatment is not done, then later in life causes problems like bad posture. Therapy can help them to develop tone and strength of the muscles, and also teaches how to move their bodies in a proper way, which helps them in their day-to-day functioning.

We are providing the following therapies for children with down syndrome:-

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Down Syndrome Treatment

All these are the best foreign therapies for Down syndrome treatment in India.

Down Syndrome Treatment

Down Syndrome Effects

Down Syndrome can have many effects, it is very different for each person and needs a different type of down syndrome treatment. Some will grow themselves to live completely (independently), while others will need more help in caring for themselves. People with Down syndrome symptoms have some physical characteristics in common. For example, they often have a flat nose and small ears. Their mental abilities will vary, but most solve small issues with thinking, logic, and understanding. They will learn and take full advantage of their new skills, but reaching important goals such as walking, talking and developing social skills may take more time.

Causes Of Down Syndrome

In all cases of reproduction, both parents pass their gene to their children. These genes are taken in the chromosomes. When the cells of the child develop, then each cell receives 23 pairs of chromosomes for the total of 46 cells. Half chromosomes are from the mother, and half are from the father.

In Children with Down syndrome, one of the chromosomes is not completely different. The child ends with three copies or an additional partial copy of chromosome 21 instead of two. This extra chromosome creates problems in the brain and physical development. Children need proper down syndrome treatment as soon as possible.

There are also certain risk factors involved with Down syndrome where some parents might have a greater chance of having a baby with Down syndrome. Take for example, a woman having babies in her older age have more chances to conceive a child with Down syndrome as older eggs have a greater risk of improper chromosome division. In rare cases, either of the parents can also pass the genetic translocation for Down syndrome to their children. Parents with one child with Down syndrome or those with a translocation themselves are at an increased risk of having another child with Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome Treatment in India

Types Of Down Syndrome

  • Trisomy 21 : Trisomy 21 means that each cell has an additional copy of chromosome 21. This is most common form of Down syndrome.
  • Mosaicism : Mosaicism occurs when a child is born with some extra chromosomes, but not all of them are in the cells. People with mosaic down syndrome have fewer symptoms than trisomy 21.
  • Translocation : In this type of down syndrome, children have only one extra part of chromosome 21. There are 46 total chromosomes. However, one of them is an extra piece of chromosome 21 attached. We provide best foreign therapies for all these types of down syndrome treatment.

Down Syndrome Symptoms

At birth, children with Down syndrome usually have some specific symptoms we can diagnose by:-
  • Flat face features
  • Small head and ears
  • short neck
  • Groaning the tongue
  • Eyes that bend upwards
  • Oddly shaped ears
  • Bad muscle tone
A baby with Down syndrome can be born average size, but it will grow more slowly than the unconditional child.If any of these signs and symptoms of Down syndrome are in your child then your child needs proper treatment. Children with Down syndrome usually have some degree of developmental disabilities, but it is often mild to moderate. Delay in mental and social development can mean that the child may have:
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Bad decision
  • short attention span
  • Slow learning abilities
  • People with Down syndrome are also prone to infection.

It is possible for doctors to check newborn or even unborn babies for any possibility of Down syndrome. In new born babies, based on their appearance Down syndrome can be detected which can then be confirmed by a blood test called as karyotype test. The test lines up all the chromosomes and show the extra chromosome 21, if present. In unborn babies, routine tests done on mother during pregnancy can check for Down syndrome symptoms in child. If confirmation comes, more invasive tests can then be done for confirmation.

Health Issues Of Children With Down Syndrome

There are general health problems that can affect any organ system or physical function. Nearly half of those, children with Down syndrome have congenital heart defects.It can be a major risk for:
  • Respiration – system problems
  • Hearing difficulties
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Childhood leukemia
  • Epilepsy
  • Thyroid status
  • Hypotonia (poor muscle tone)
  • Blood disorders
  • Heart defects
  • Vision problems
  • Disrupted sleep patterns
  • Epilepsy
  • Dementia
  • Immune disorder
Apart from major concerns, children with Down syndrome are also vulnerable to common cold and infection. These children need additional support and care and not just from their family members and friends but from expert healthcare professionals as well. With a strong network of support from both, the challenges that these children face can be eased to a great extent.

Right Time to Start the Treatment of Down Syndrome

As it can be guessed, beginning the treatment at early age or as soon as possible can bring the best results. Small children who are still in the process of speech and motor skills development, they can be provided therapies to control their behaviour so they grow to become a habit. Treatment for Down syndrome can start immediately after the birth of the child and before they reach school age, one can see major improvement in their children. Many researches have been conducted that indicates that early intervention shows enhanced benefits to children suffering from Down syndrome.

Why Choose IIAHP For Down Syndrome Treatment in India

Once parents discover that their child has the symptoms of Down syndrome, it is advised to begin the treatment as soon as possible. Provided the right treatment and care start at an early age, it can create a big difference in the rate of improvement in conditions. At IIAHP, you can find the best Down syndrome treatment in India. With the right support and treatment from IIAHP, many children with Down syndrome have improved the quality of their lives. We hire with us a team of special educators, occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech therapists to help children.

IIAHP therapy center provides many best international Techniques under one roof and all Down syndrome children are improving here. Foreign Therapists visit IIAHP twice a year for teaching new techniques of Down syndrome treatment to Staff. Senior IIAHP Staff takes training in foreign countries to keep the team up to date about the latest techniques for best results.

Fully air-conditioned therapy center and 100% area is covered under CCTV surveillance, if parents have any doubts in their mind they are allowed to check the footage whenever they want. We take new Down syndrome children all year and we also provide homeopathy.


The advanced intellectual program which includes Maths, Reading, and Encyclopedia, etc. is provided for all-round development of a child. For distant/foreign parents home programs are also available for down syndrome treatment. We give good guidance for supplements, nutrition, and diet. We also provide ADHD treatmentSpecial needs children treatment, etc.

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