Autism Treatment Center with Advanced Therapies for Autistic Kids
Autism Treatment Center

Autism Treatment Center with Advanced Therapies for Autistic Kids of Age 2-17

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects communication and social skills of a child. There is no specific cause of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Research suggests that autism develops in a child at a very early age due to a combination of genetic, non -genetic, and environmental factors. In fact, genetics can be a prominent factor in the development of autism. The early a child receives autism therapy from a reputable autism treatment center, the better the improvement a child will show.

What Does Cause Autism in a Child?

When it comes to genetic factors of autism, a 2012 study shows that a child is 2 to 20% more likely to develop a pervasive developmental disorder if an older sibling is diagnosed with autism. On the other hand, environmental causes of autism often include the child’s developing conditions in the womb.

For instance, the advanced parental age of conceiving a child, prenatal exposure to air pollution or pesticides, or an accident that causes brain injury to a child – are all possible risk factors of autism.

A child who is born without autism is unlikely to develop autism at a later age. Autism is diagnosed only at an early age. However, parents should focus on getting their autistic children the best autism treatment instead of focusing on the cause of autism.

Autism Advanced Therapies

Can Autism Be Diagnosed with Medical Testing?

It is important for parents to realize that autism cannot be diagnosed with medical testing or genetic testing. A health professional such as pediatrician, a psychologist, or autism specialist can diagnose autism only by assessing the behavior and developmental milestones of a child.

Here is what is included in the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder in a child:

  • The presence or absence of certain behaviors, such as social communication problems, restricted interests in activities, repetitive behaviors, etc.
  • Assessment of developmental milestones, such as interviews with parents about child development history, speech and language, and psychological testing
  • Specific patterns of social, communication, behavioral, and sensory challenges

No blood tests, brain scans, or genetic tests can help in definitive diagnosis of autism. However, medical testing can identify genetic disorders such as Fragile X syndrome or metabolic conditions that lead to overlapping symptoms.

What environmental factors can increase the risk of autism?

Several environmental factors can increase the risk of development of autism in infants. Note that environmental factors play only a marginal role in the risk of developing autism. These environmental factors include:

Advanced Therapies for Autistic Kids

What to do if my child is diagnosed with ASD?

Once your child is diagnosed with autism, your first step is to find the best autism treatment center. IIAHP is one of the most reputable autism treatment centers in India. Based in Chandigarh, IIAHP welcomes autistic children of all ages, especially between 2 and 17 years old, and provides a safe, learning, and productive environment so that children can learn, improve, and enhance their social and communication skills.

We also offer Home Autism Treatment Plan for parents with autistic kids who live far away from our center. All they need is to bring their children to our autism treatment center once every two months and follow the program instructions at home.

IIAHP follows an integrated approach that combines multiple autism therapies based on each child’s unique needs. Popular autism interventions used at IIAHP include neurosensory integration, vision therapy, floor programs, behavioral therapy, reading support, art therapy, and more. Our spacious autism therapy center is fully air-conditioned for comfort and has CCTV for safety.

A key advantage of IIAHP is our highly customized autism treatment programs. Our autism therapists spend time understanding your child’s challenges across social communication, behavior, cognition, speech, sensory issues, and life skills. Then, they design a personalized autism therapyplan targeting your child’s unique autism symptoms and developmental goals. Treatment hours are also flexible based on what works best for your family.

Our intensive autism interventions aim to help your child’s brain become more organized so autism impairments improve or fade away entirely. While some children recover faster than others, parents have witnessed excellent outcomes overall at IIAHP. Many children treated at IIAHP significantly close the gap with typical development and can transition into mainstream academic environments in the future.

In addition, IIAHP also focuses on parent education and collaboration. Parents are encouraged to actively participate, ask questions, and help their children follow what they learn during autism therapy sessions.

Start autism therapy as early as possible. If your child received an autism diagnosis, consider IIAHP in Chandigarh, India as your trusted comprehensive autism treatment center. Their integrative methods, custom-tailored approach, caring staff, and decades of experience provide hope to families and optimal outcomes for children.

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