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Special need child-The Brain Can Change

At one time, scientists believed that the brain cannot change or correct an errant growth pattern. This simply is not the case. Over the last several decades neuroscientists have found that the brain is actually quite plastic, meaning that it has the ability to both physically and chemically change if given the proper stimulation. We have seen through brain imaging scans that, when given the proper stimulation, the weak side of the brain will actually get larger and faster. Spaces between cells will get smaller, and new connections will grow. As a result, the new connections in the weak side of the brain can reconnect with the more mature cells on the functioning side and get back in rhythm. The brain begins functioning again as a whole. Disconnected children become Reconnected children. 

This is what the IIAHP Achievement center is all about. It is revolutionary new way to identify and help children with learning and behavioural dis-abilities and it is about to turn conventional thinking on its ear.

  • The problem has a solution
    Until now, disorders associated with the characteristics that result from a brain imbalance have been considered lifelong problems- without a cure or correction. This simply is not the case. The imbalance can be fixed. The weak areas of the brain can be taught to catch up to the stronger areas, reconnect, and get back into normal syncopated rhythm.
  • Medications Aren’t the answer
    Until now, the best recourse to control the symptoms has been medications. This simply is not necessary. IIAHP is not anti-medication; IIAHP believe medication is helpful in children with severe symptoms. But medications are not the solution. IIAHP is a totally holistic, multimodality approach to correcting the imbalance. As the imbalance corrects itself, symptoms diminish and eventually go away. Medication is not required.
  • Don’t Accentuate the positive!
    Until now, the popular approach to dealing with behaviour symptoms in the classroom has been to work on strengthening the strong hemisphere while ignoring the dysfunctional, or “broken,” side. This actually makes the problem worse! This approach only makes the higher-functioning side get even stronger while the weakness is ignored. This approach is one of the reasons autism and ADHD are on the rise and why most people believe they cannot be corrected.
    IIAHP does just the opposite-it focuses only on what is ”broken.” It uses exercises that kick-start growth in the weak hemisphere, so it catches up to the dominant side. I call it the Catch-Up Theory – the brain has the ability to literally catch up with itself to where it should be.
  • One Problem with one solution
    Until now, specific symptoms determine the diagnoses of the disorder. IIAHP, however, considers most learning and behaviour disorders as one problem: Functional Disconnection Syndrome. This is why one programs – the IIAHP Program- can the solution for a seemingly myriad number of conditions.
    We have found that the IIAHP program can help most children labelled with and learning disability or processing disorder. We believe every child is unique and can benefit from the IIAHP Program.
    IIAHP has worked with over 2000 children and their families. We believe we can help your child too.
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