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Can Autism be Cured

Children having Autism, developmental delay, Cerebral Palsy, autism, Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), Attention Deficit Disorder, hyperactivity, learning problems, dyslexia, etc have been considered untreatable in the past.

The objective of IIAHP is to take mild, moderate as well as severe special needs children, and help them to achieve excellence physically, intellectually, physiologically and socially.

The majority of children treated at IIAHP achieve one or more of these four goals. IIAHP exists to insure that all special needs children have a fighting chance to be well.

About Our Special Needs Children

Profoundly autistic children may be blind, deaf, insensate, paralyzed, or speechless. They may have difficulty with food absorption, respiration, and even survival. Severely autistic children may have serious visual, auditory, tactile, mobility, speech, or manual problems. 

Moderately autistic children may have significant problems in one or all of the sensory and motor pathways. Mildly Autistic children may have reading, learning, behavior, balance, coordination, speech, or writing problems.

Most Special Needs Children have health issues ranging from failure to thrive, to chronic upper respiratory illness, reflux, asthma, nutritional problems, food intolerance, and allergies. The autistic children admitted to IIAHP program range in age from new-born to teenagers. No child is ever refused admission to the program because of the severity of his or her condition.

About the Families of IIAHP

Families coming to IIAHP for treatment of their child have an extraordinary devotion to their children. Their children are their first priority in life. They are committed to help their children realize their full potential.

Our Evaluation Procedure

IIAHP Developmental Profile evaluates the growth and development of the brain. This provides rate of growth for the child and establishes a baseline against which a child can be evaluated to determine his progress.

Each time a child returns to IIAHP, a new Developmental Profile is done and a new program is created based upon that Profile.

Our Treatment

IIAHP and its team want to give every child a chance to be well, irrespective of severity of child’s condition.

After evaluation and a functional diagnosis, the staff designs an therapy program for appropriate sensory stimulation and maximum motor opportunity.

We have two options – To enrol the child at the center and our staff does the program, or parents take Home Program and do it at home. Most of our children do their program at home and return to IIAHP periodically (every 2 months) to be re-evaluated and to receive a new program. The program is designed to treat the brain imbalance, not the symptoms of the imbalance. Treating the brain works well—treating the symptoms simply does not work.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

There is nothing more important in the life of the autistic/special child’s parent than seeing that child gets better every day. 

Our job is to move that child to the highest level of function that our present knowledge of brain growth and development will permit. And in most cases the Autistic children at IIAHP improve and loose their Autism Symptoms and hence loose their label of being Autistic.

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