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Is treatment for Down syndrome possible?

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that causes developmental delays and physical disabilities in a child. It is caused due to abnormal cell division, which generates an extra copy of chromosome 21 bringing in different physical features and abnormalities in a child. The severity of down syndrome symptoms vary from person to person, some individuals showing the serious and life long disabilities while the other show mild symptoms.

As every human cell has 23 pairs of chromosomes and each pair consists one chromosome from other and another from father. But, in down syndrome total 3 copies of chromosome 21 are formed. The reason for this abnormal cell division is unknown and can not be controlled. 

Effects of Down syndrome

The down syndrome has many effects on children. Such children have delayed mental and social growth. They are characterized by slow developmental growth. They display some unusual physical appearances  and disabilities such as :

  • Flattened face and nose

  • Small size of hands and feet

  • Abnormal ear size

  • Slanting eyes

  • Small head

  • Poor muscle tone

  • Impulsive behavior

  • Poor concentration

  • Stubborn behavior

  • More skin creases

  • Separated 1st and 2nd toes in the foot

If your child shows any of the above signs and symptoms, proper down syndrome treatment is required as early as possible. The continued and untreated symptoms of down syndrome may increase the risk of other health-related issues such as respiratory system problems, auditory issues, thyroid, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease.

Down syndrome treatment

The treatment of down syndrome is possible. The symptoms of the down syndrome can be controlled, cured and treated with the appropriate use of therapies. There are therapies and techniques that help in improving the child’s abilities. The International Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential(IIAHP) meets your aspirations and facilitates the best techniques and programs. IIAHP therapy center uses advanced foreign therapies and intellectual programs for the down syndrome treatment. We also provide home plans facilities for the parents living in distant places. Our staff keeps a regular check on the requirements of the child and provides the most appropriate treatment.

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