Climbing Up The COVID Slide- Helping Parents To Help Children
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Climbing Up The COVID Slide- Helping Parents To Help Children

In the wake of the pandemic, people came across a few terms that were normally unknown to them. They faced lockdown, quarantine, followed social distancing, schools and offices operated from home, and much more. Although grown-ups were able to cope with the pandemic, it had a severe effect on the minds of children. Learning became online and the children became distant from the school environment. This affected the children negatively and their learning started going down the COVID slide. The COVID slide is not a fun slide that you can find in parks and playgrounds but is rather a bumpy ride causing major learning losses in children. It is not very easy to simply climb up this slide and the children are going to need their parent’s help in doing so. There are many ways present in which the parents can help their kids get through the learning losses they have incurred over the pandemic.

Making Up For All The Learning Losses Caused In Children During COVID

School closures for a prolonged period of time have resulted in major learning losses in children – a term coined as ‘COVID slide’. These losses are found to be much higher among students who were already struggling with their studies. Since schools have started reopening now, many children are finding it difficult to adjust to the environment that has suddenly become new to them. Luckily, there are certain things parents can do to help their children navigate this new learning environment.

Make communication the key: It is a common saying that communication is the key and when it comes to parenting, it surely can open the door to understanding your child. Talk to your children about the challenges they are facing in their learning environment or if there is anything else troubling them. Not all children are open to talking and many might even resist any attempt of communication. It is up to the parents to ease them and encourage them to talk about their feelings. But it is equally important for the parents to genuinely take interest in their children’s issues and figure out the ways to fix them together.

Don’t rush into things: Going back to school is not going to be easy for children as they have been cozied into their homely environment for a long time now. As a parent, you must take care not to force your child into anything as this can be overwhelming for them. Giving the children a certain time to adjust, you must take things slowly, one at a time. Do not forget to make kids comfortable first with the new environment then only you should start focusing on their studies and learning.

Learn your kid’s learning style: Every child is unique and each one has their own style of learning. It is important that parents try and learn about the learning style of their child first. This can help you understand the way in which your child processes information and you can devise a strategy to make learning easy for them. It will require you to devote some time to find your child’s learning style, and make sure that you do not rush through the process. When it comes to learning, parents need to keep their eyes and ears open to figure out what works best for their children.

Exercise for body and brain: To flush out the laziness induced during the pandemic, it is important to make your children physically fit before they go back to the school environment. A little exercise and play should be a part of daily routine to help kids maintain their physical fitness. But that’s not all. Along with the body, exercise for the brain is equally important. Memory games, puzzle-solving, concentration games, etc. are some great ways to train your kids’ brains. Proper brain exercise will also help the children to improve their learning skills and sharpen their memory. You can precisely schedule activities for the body and brain in between the time of studies so that a proper balance between fun and study is maintained. By having the right combination of fun and play, the pathways of children’s brains will also be stimulated.

Work closely with teachers: Just like students, the condition of the teachers returning to schools is overwhelming too. The least a parent can do at such times is show a little support to the teachers and give them some time to learn what’s going on with their students. Once they are in control of the situation, you can communicate with them about your children and the difficulties they are facing with the learning. Both parents and teachers can work in close coordination to find a way to help the children.

The situation is more critical for children who are already struggling with attention issues or learning disabilities. Such parents need to take extra caution when dealing with the mental health of their child as these children have more tendencies to fall behind making it harder and harder for them to catch up. For such kids, extra assistance is required and IIAHP is more than happy to offer help to the parents. Let us see how IIAHP can and has helped parents help their kids climb up the COVID slide.

How IIAHP Chandigarh Has Helped Parents?

It must be hard for the parents to watch their child struggle while trying to adjust to a new learning environment when they return to school after such a long break. At IIHAP, we are committed to helping both parents and children recover from the misbalance pandemic has caused in their life. We aim to train and prepare children for the new learning experience waiting out there. The program takes on a drug-free initiative and includes only physical exercises and activities for the brain. Many programs are designed and conducted to build a foundation over which a strong learning experience can be created. Furthermore, special therapies are available for children struggling with attention issues or learning disabilities to help them catch up faster with their studies.

As we have covered already how each child is different and how they all have their own unique style of learning, programs at IIAHP are designed keeping this fact in mind. Our programs show early results and many parents have felt a sigh of relief by relying on the learning approach developed by the professionals at IIAHP. Parents who were earlier facing troubles participated in our programs and saw visible progress in the learning behaviour and memory retention of their children. Not just their learning has improved but it has resulted in better memory and knowledge retention in the children. Interested parents can learn more about our programs by contacting IIAHP Chandigarh to see which program is most suited for your children and help them accordingly.

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