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5 Symptoms and Signs of a Processing Disorder in Children

Children with academic and behavioural difficulties have problems that extend beyond merely functioning well in school. Have you ever wondered if your child simply lacks patience or if they have sensory processing children disorder ? It can result in major sensory meltdowns and significant difficulties with everyday function.

Processing Disorder Symptoms in Children :

As a parent, you should watch for the following symptoms and indicators in your children. That suggest your child may have a sensory issue that requires Special Care.

  1. Constant movement or a need for thrills
    It takes a lot for hyposensitive youngsters to feel their senses. As a result, they frequently move, fidget, and jump around, and they like movement-based games such as spinning, chasing, and so on. They may also seek thrills that are unsuitable for someone their age.
  2. Lack of awareness of personal space
    Children with hypo sensitivities frequently touch other people (their friends, family members, strangers), even though they’ve been taught not to. These kids will also touch items in public and in stores, and they are quite interested in experiencing different textures in their environment.
  3. A pain threshold that is extremely low or high
    When your kid has a sensory processing problem, his or her pain thresholds are impaired. This implies that your child may scream and cry in pain if they are barely touched (if hypersensitive), or they may not react at all when they are wounded (if they are hyposensitive).
  4. Dislike for new or specific apparel
    Children who are hypersensitive may be unable to tolerate the sensation of particular garments on their skin. When you try to put them in new clothes, they may throw a tantrum or have a sensory meltdown, or they may need to acclimate to new wardrobe pieces gradually, little by bit, over time.
  5. Anxiety over noise or light
    Youngsters with sensory processing disorders are often sensitive to loud noises or bright lights that do not disturb other children. Loud sounds may be excruciating. Fluorescent and intense illumination sensitivity is also frequent.

Contact us if you suspect your kid has a sensory processing problem that is interfering with his capacity to learn and thrive. For more than a decade, we have assisted over 4,000 youngsters in developing vital skills that will lead to a brighter future. Our experts can assist in determining why your kid suffers, and then assist in equipping them to better handle their own issues, allowing them to enjoy and succeed at family gatherings, classrooms, social events, and other settings.

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