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What Is the Best Treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?

Having ADHD does not mean you cannot complete a high-level education or achieve any other benchmarks. Treatment for ADHD :- Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Agatha Christie and so many other renowned scientists, artists, writers, and creators had ADHD and still achieved unimaginable milestones.

Even today, you will find so many celebrities with ADHD, such as Adam Levine, Paris Hilton, Ryan Gosling, and Emma Watson. With the right ADHD treatment and early intervention, a person can achieve so much in life.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is estimated to impact nearly 10 million children in India, making it one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders in the country. But what exactly is ADHD and how can it best be treated?

ADHD is characterized by persistent patterns of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity that impair day-to-day functioning.

The most common symptoms include difficulty focusing, excessive restlessness, disorganization, forgetfulness, fidgeting, excessive talking, and impatience. These symptoms typically arise in early childhood and can significantly interfere with learning, relationships, and overall quality of life.

ADHD can be categorized into three groups:

  • Inattentive children with ADHD
  • Hyperactive children with ADHD
  • Impulsive children with ADHD

While the root causes are still being researched, ADHD is believed to stem from chemical and structural differences in the brain. Genetics, environmental factors, brain changes, and neurotransmitter imbalances in the prefrontal cortex likely all play a role. Besides, poor nutrition, infection, smoking, drinking, and substance abuse during pregnancy can also affect a child’s brain development.

Effective ADHD Treatments Recommended for Children with ADHD

When it comes to ADHD treatment, a combination of medication and ADHD therapy is usually recommended as the most effective approach.

Along with medication, behavioral therapies help teach organizing, social and coping skills. A strong support system of family, friends, teachers and coaches also plays a great role in helping individuals with ADHD.

Some holistic, natural, and effective ADHD treatments for ADHD management include:

Archetype Therapy

Archetype Reflex Movements are among the first movements to develop and emerge in utero. This integration exercises aim to activate and engage archetype movements that have not emerged or need support.

Prism Therapy

Prism Therapy uses Prisms with Balance Board and Brain Gym Activities to improve Vestibular system, thereby leading to improved vision, eye coordination and eye contact. Even squint is cured with this.

Vision Therapy

This Program helps to normalize the focal as well as peripheral vision. Eyes convergence improves leading to better vision and even total cure of the squint (without surgery). Most of our learning is through vision. When the vision normalizes, the ADHD child starts learning more and more like a normal child.

Reflex Integration Therapy

Reflex Integration techniques work to mature and integrate the primitive reflexes. So, the primitive reflexes slowly disappear and child starts becoming more and more well.


Targeted physical activities and sensory-motor exercises help address coordination, balance, body awareness, and motor planning challenges, which are common in ADHD. It helps retrain the neuromuscular system and refine motor control.


Homeopathy utilizes plant, mineral and animal sources to make highly diluted preparations aimed at rebalancing the nervous system. Remedies are customized to each patient’s symptoms to gently bring the mind and body back into equilibrium.

Brain Gym

Simple coordinated movements, eye exercises and visualizations stimulate and integrate different parts of the brain involved with focus, organization, and learning. It helps strengthen neural connections in ADHD children.

Reading/Math Programs

This Program works well like a charm with 100% success. All children at IIAHP learn to read, do Math and start understanding Money Concepts. This is a foundation stone for our next levels that includes book reading, writing, etc. This helps to increase mental focus, reasoning, working memory, and task completion. This improves executive functioning skills in people with ADHD.

Sensory Integration Therapy

This ADHD therapy helps retrain the brain to process sensory input properly. Individuals with ADHD often struggle to filter sights, sounds, touch, smells and other stimuli which can lead to distractibility. Through techniques like Tactile Sensory Integration, Vision Therapy, balancing and auditory integration training, etc. aims to improve modulation of input from the senses.

Is medication necessary to treat ADHD symptoms?

While medication is often used in conjunction with ADHD treatment therapies, some individuals are able to effectively manage their ADHD without it. Lifestyle adjustments like regular exercise, a nutrient-dense diet, adequate sleep, and reduced screen time can help.

Some also benefit from biofeedback, neurofeedback, nutritional supplements, and other alternative approaches.

A whole-person approach combines multiple treatments and lifestyle changes tailored to the individual’s needs. Dietary changes, exercise, sufficient sleep, and ADHD treatment sessions can all be helpful supplemental supports.

Find the Best ADHD Treatment for Your Child at IIAHP, Chandigarh, India

With the right ADHD treatment plan, those living with ADHD can absolutely gain social confidence, strengthen their abilities, and live full lives.

Here at IIAHP, we offer a caring, holistic approach for ADHD treatment in India. Our experienced staff develops customized ADHD therapy plans using archetype therapy, prism therapy, physiotherapy, homeopathy, brain gym exercises, Reflex Integration, Vestibular Training, Vision Therapy and various other proven techniques. We also provide reading, math and encyclopedia programs to support growth and learning challenges.

To learn more about our ADHD treatment options or schedule a consultation, contact us at +91- 7419502101 or today. With the proper care and support, the future is bright for those managing ADHD.

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