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Can a Person with Autism (ASD) Live a Normal Life?

Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment- A therapy based drug-free approach to ASD treatment

Parents who find out about their children’s autism generally take it too hard on themselves. Autism is a condition that not only affects those suffering from it but those around them as well. However, with many advanced autism therapies coming into light and intense research and development going into the field, parents can get autism spectrum disorder treatment for their children.

While improvement in some autistic children is slow, many children show significant improvements. With the right autism treatment, yes, they can also learn to live an independent life with minimal support.

Determining the signs and symptoms at an early stage can help with autism treatment in a more effective manner. Symptoms of autism along with their intensity might vary from one child to another. Parents who suspect that their child is showing basic signs of ASD can get in touch with experts and start with specialized autism treatment right away.

Causes of Autism

No specific reason that causes autism is known. Rare mutations in genes or some environmental factors might cause ASD but there is no scientific proof of any of it.

Research suggests that a child is more likely to be born autistic if a pregnant woman is exposed to chemicals, drugs, or stress.

Some of the risk factors of autism children are:

  • An injury to the nervous system due to environmental factors
  • Unexpected reaction to vaccines, such as MMR vaccine
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Low weight on birth
  • Metabolic imbalance
  • History of viral infections

Diagnosing Autism Disorder in Children

Autism spectrum disorder is a disorder of brain development at an early stage and is generally diagnosed during childhood. There are some basic signs and symptoms of this disorder particularly relating to behavior that parents can see clearly in their child.

Further diagnosis from doctors can confirm the condition. Treatment for ASD is given on the basis of the symptoms visible in the patients.

Since there is a wide spectrum of symptoms that can occur in autism disorder, the treatment can vary from person to person.

Here are a few signs and symptoms to detect autism in children that parents can look out for. Early detection of ASD in children is considered quite helpful in autism spectrum disorder treatment.

  • The child is unresponsive to his/ her name.
  • Avoid physical contact of any manner.
  • They are not able to understand the emotions of self and others.
  • Seem uninterested in communication and even playing or sharing with other children.
  • Those with autism tend to upset very easily even at little things.
  • Some children might be sensitive to light, sound, touch, taste, and other senses.
  • They are unable to understand personal space.
  • They don’t like changes in routines, clothes, meals, etc.
  • Not able to develop basic language and movement skills by appropriate age.
Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment

“Autism doesn’t have to define a person. Artists with autism are like anyone else: They define themselves through hard work and individuality.”

Adrienne Bailon, Artist

ASD in Teenage & Adulthood

Autism does not develop in teenagers or adults since it affects brain development at an early age. However, when children with autism transcend to teenage and adulthood, they might experience a change in their symptoms. They might feel more difficulty in communicating with others and performing their daily life activities. However, with proper autism spectrum disorder treatment, ASD symptoms can be reduced allowing autistic person to lead a normal life.

Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Different therapies are already available that can help children suffering from autism in addition to ongoing research to find more ways to help those with ASD. These therapies focus on developing skills for learning, communication, socializing, and performing day-to- day tasks with great ease. Some autism spectrum disorder therapies involve not only children and counselors but the parents also play an important role in helping their children with this disorder live a healthy life.

Some of the widely accepted autism spectrum disorder treatments are:

  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Brain Gym Therapy
  • Listening Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Reflex Integration Therapy
  • Audio Visual Therapy
  • Handle Therapy
  • Respiratory Patterning Therapy
  • Prism Therapy
  • Tactile Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Neurostructural Therapy
  • Archetype Therapy
  • Physiotherapy

Other than the therapies, many different activities are also designed to help children with autism. Some of these popular activities are:

  • Floor program (gymnastic program)
  • Reflex integration program
  • Sorting activities
  • Art & sensory integration
  • Balance board
  • Respiratory programs
  • Reading program
  • Fun games and play activities
  • Sensory activities

In addition to the various therapies, ASD experts can also recommend a nutritional plan for children, which may include both diet and supplements. Since some children with autism spectrum disorder also suffer from eating disorders, it is important to take care of their diet.

For best results, parents are suggested to approach a well-known center for the autism treatment of their child. No one can completely cure autism and can only offer help in a manner that will make life easier for the autistic person. So make sure you only visit a trusted autism spectrum disorder treatment centre such as IIAHP.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment at IIAHP, Chandigarh

IIAHP is one of the best autism treatment centers based in Chandigarh, India that offers a holistic treatment for ASD. Parents of a child with autism disorder can connect with IIAHP where effective treatment is offered with the help of various advanced autism therapies. A team of knowledgeable professionals having years of experience makes use of the best kind of approach to help children suffering from autism lead life like normal people with minimal support.

Contact IIAHP at +91-7419502101 or for more details on autism spectrum disorder treatment.

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