What's going on in the brain of a Special needs Children
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Clumsiness What’s going on in the brain of a Special needs Children

We’ve all had clumsy moments: dropping a pen or tripping over a curb once in a while is pretty normal. Maybe you’re tired or not paying attention. We are discussing here brain of a Special needs Children in IIHAP Canter. But what occurs when clumsiness is frequent and interferes with life? If you notice that almost every day your special needs children are struggling with clumsiness, it may a signal of an issue with the growth of motor skills or their proprioception.

Understanding Proprioception

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Clumsiness may affect body movements, and general balance — but it starts in the brain. Proprioception refers to our body’s ability to sense where we are. Receptions are responsible for all incoming information into the brain. Receptors send signals to the brain using our nervous system.

Proprioception helps us understand how we’re moving and how we’re taking up space. It helps us balance on one leg or sense the difference between walking on grass versus concrete. We’re more likely to bump into things or trip if we’re less aware of our position in the surrounding space.

If your child is overly clumsy, it could be that their brain is not properly interpreting messages from their proprioceptors.

What You Can Dobrain of a Special needs Children

If your child shows signs of poor body awareness (they often bump into things, push too hard, and can’t ride a bike), there are things you can do to help them improve their motor skills.

IIAHP Therapy Center provides the best sensory integration plans which will help develop a better sense of space and retrain the brain to understand proprioceptor signals. Therapies at IIAHP Therapy Center plus home activities aimed at improving proprioception could make a difference!

If your special needs children are having clumsiness issues, it could be that their brain is not receiving the right signals at the right time. While some people may remain clumsier than others throughout their life, that doesn’t mean you can’t help your little one get better at sensing their position in space!

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