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Autism Treatment in Chandigarh

Most of parents question us if autism is treated at home? and for many parents, moving to a new location to enroll their autistic children in the best autism treatment in Chandigarh can be challenging. In many cases, quality autism treatment centers are not available or accessible near them. Fortunately, with the right guidance and home autism treatment plan from the IIAHP autism treatment center in Chandigarh, parents and caregivers can provide therapies to help autistic children improve and build skills.
While autism treatment plans for the home can vary from one autism treatment in Chandigarh to another depending on an autistic child’s unique needs and the severity of the condition, foreign families can take home plans over Zoom calls as well at IIAHP.
If you are looking to have a fun time with your kid while contributing to his/her skills, you can try the following autism therapy at home. These autism therapies are risk-free, don’t require you to invest a lot of time and money, and also allow you to bond with your kid.
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Autism Treatment in Chandigarh IIAHP Home Plan

Floor Time

By using floortime techniques, you will interact one-on-one with your child at their level. During floortime, you or any other family member sits on the floor with the child.
You begin by observing and copying the actions of your child quietly. After some time, introduce something new to the play. This could be a toy or you can say a few simple words.
To increase the impact, you should:
The ultimate goal of floortime is increasing emotional engagement and interactive behavior through child-led play.

Play Therapy

Play therapy is about helping your child learn while playing. Most autistic children play alone and repeat their actions over and over. The goal of this therapy is to enable your child to interact socially and communicate better in the long run.
You can simply start with chase-and-tickle games, sensory games, or bubble-blowing. Other activities you can include in play therapy are:
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Obstacle Course

Obstacle course provides autistic children with an opportunity to get a wide range of sensory input. You can include crawling activities, such as animal walks, crawling under chairs, or over cushions.
Crawling activities help target the two types of sensory systems i.e. proprioceptive and vestibular systems and increasing the tactile input received through their hands and knees.
Besides, you can also include jumping activities that allow the kids to improve their core strength and motor planning skills.

Dancing Games

Dancing games can be a great way for autistic children to express themselves, especially those who do not speak. With the help of movements, you can teach your autistic child to express themselves, from sadness to love to frustration and happiness. This way, your autistic child can communicate with you if they do not verbalize their feelings. Apart from body movements, verbal communication, and motor skills, dance games also influence their behavior, focus, and social skills.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy is intended for autistic children who behave aggressively. Though PCIT sessions are done under the guidance of qualified therapists, parents can learn skills that they can use at home after therapy sessions.
The goal of this therapy is to reduce the aggressive behavior in children with autism and help them respond positively. During PCIT, the therapist observes how you communicate with your child and teaches therapeutic strategies to parents so that their autistic child learns to regulate their behavior.

Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)

Relationship development intervention (RDI) helps children with autism develop social communication skills. This technique is designed for parents and focuses on activities that help the autistic child become more flexible in thinking and handling social situations, such as coping with change and learning different perspectives.

Speech Therapy

The activities performed during speech therapy depend on your child’s level. While some autistic children who are highly verbal need some guidance with social language such as figures of speech, others could be non-verbal and prefer using picture symbols to communicate. For speech therapy at home, you can try:

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IIAHP is the leading autism treatment in Chandigarh that offers autism treatment to parents with autistic children in India, as well as foreign countries. We use a multidisciplinary approach to treat autism symptoms and employ a wide range of autism therapies, such as neurosensory reflex integration, audio-visual integration, ora-facial reflex integration, prism therapy, brain gym, nutrition, floor and spatial programs, and more. We also offer home autism treatment plans where you can bring your child to our autism treatment center once every two months and do the autism program activities at home.
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