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Types of Autistic spectrum disorder

Autism spectrum disorder is an affected state of the neurological system which causes developmental disorder in children. This hinders communication skills and the ability to interact. Such children show different and repetitive patterns of behavior. They are not able to understand others and express themselves.

Different types of Autistic spectrum disorder in children are:

  • Autistic disorder

Autistic disorder is the inability of a child to communicate and interact. Such children have difficulty in social interactions and display a series of repetitive behavior patterns and awkward interests. Motor disorders, speech-sound problems, and language disorders are the common symptoms observed.

The symptoms are usually diagnosed at the age of two years and development delays are observed. The range of severity differs according to the issues and treatment is carried out accordingly.

  • Asperger’s Syndrome

Asperger’s syndrome is one of the autism spectrum order characters by difficulties in social interaction, unusual behavior, and interests. It is a milder or borderline autistic disorder in which nonverbal communication skills are affected. Such children have normal communication skills and score high in terms of intelligence. Symptoms usually begin to appear before the age of two and can last for entire life.

The treatment for Asperger’s syndrome focuses on improving social skills, working on repetitive behavior and actions, and physical clumsiness. There are therapies and training programs such as social skills training, behavioral therapy, medications, and training programs for parents to ensure better conduct with their children. 

  • Childhood disintegrative disorder

Childhood disintegrative disorder(CDD) also known as regressive autism is a low and milder form of autism. In this type of disorder, children show sudden changes in their behavior and interests. It is the sudden onset of development delay in them. They begin to lose their communication skills and a series of regressions in skills are noted.

These children display normal developmental and behavioral growth but typically around two to three years of age, the onset of autistic symptoms occurs. Slowly and gradually, the skills acquired in the normal years of development are lost. Even, children do not understand what exactly is happening to them. This requires a great deal of emotional support to them. The treatment for Childhood disintegrative disorder(CDD) includes therapies such as behavior therapy, social skills training, and medication in order to regain their social, behavior and learning skills.

The timely diagnosis of above autistic spectrum disorder requires an efficient and effective treatment process to control and cure the symptoms. The IIAHP therapy center provides the best autism treatment for the children of 2-17 years of age. Our professional and trained staff give appropriate training and therapies based on the symptoms shown by your child.

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