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Cerebral Palsy Treatment in Chandigarh

Receiving a cerebral palsy diagnosis for your child can feel overwhelming for any parent. But with the right cerebral palsy treatment in Chandigarh provided by IIAHP Therapy Center, children with cerebral palsy can go on to lead fulfilling lives.What Are Cerebral Palsy Treatment Options? A Guide for Parents.
Cerebral Palsy Treatment in Chandigarh

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Different Cerebral Palsy Treatment Options Available in India

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is crucial for helping children with CP improve their motor functioning. Through exercises and functional training, physical therapists target:
To increase the impact, you should:
Goals of this cerebral palsy treatment are tailored to your child’s needs—whether that’s learning to sit up, stand, walk, or use mobility aids like walkers or wheelchairs. Stretching maintains flexibility and prevents muscle contractures. Regular therapy promotes neuroplasticity—the brain’s ability to rewire itself and build new connections.
Seeing your child’s incremental progress through dedicated PT is incredibly rewarding. Their hard work and determination pay off in meaningful milestones.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy for cerebral palsy treatment focuses on fine motor skills that allow kids to perform everyday tasks like eating, dressing, writing, and playing. OTs evaluate your child’s abilities and find ways to adapt activities to their capabilities.
Practice develops muscle memory while boosting confidence. Your child will take pride in being able to do more tasks independently. OTs may also recommend customized equipment like grips, handles and braces to facilitate engagement.
The right adaptations remove barriers and ensure your child can participate in life to the fullest.
Cerebral Palsy Therapy in Chandigarh

Speech Therapy

Up to 60% of children with CP experience some degree of speech or communication difficulty. Speech therapy improves oral motor control needed for feeding, swallowing, and intelligible speech.
If verbal speech isn’t possible, speech therapists explore alternate communication methods like gesture, sign language, picture boards, or speech-generating devices.
Being able to effectively communicate allows your child to express their needs, thoughts, and personality. It’s a valuable gift.


Medications can help manage CP symptoms like spasticity, drooling, pain and seizures. The most commonly prescribed drugs are baclofen, diazepam, gabapentin and anticonvulsants.
Always discuss medication risks, benefits, and potential side effects thoroughly with your doctor. Finding the right balance between cerebral palsy treatment therapies and medications takes careful monitoring, patience and teamwork. But the payoff of reduced symptoms is worth it.


Braces, splints and casts support proper muscle alignment and prevent contractures. They may be recommended for arms, legs, neck or torso depending on your child’s needs.
Orthotics allow for greater mobility and independence in movement. They can be worn temporarily while sleeping or full-time. It takes adjustment to incorporate them into daily routines, but the benefits make it worthwhile.

Assistive Devices

Walkers, standers, crutches and wheelchairs help with stability, mobility and maximizing independence. Communication boards, special utensils and classroom aids also facilitate learning.
Technology removes barriers and offers new freedom. See these devices as tools to enable your child to navigate the world with confidence.


Orthopedic surgery may be an option to correct bone and joint deformities or release contractures that don’t improve with other treatments. Tendon lengthening can increase range of motion.
Surgery has risks so consult your medical team to determine if benefits outweigh potential complications. Trust your instincts – as the parent, you know your child best.

Alternative Therapies

Therapies like hippotherapy (therapeutic horseback riding), music therapy, and aquatic therapy may supplement traditional treatment. They provide sensory stimulation and motor benefits in engaging ways.
Discuss incorporating alternative therapies into your child’s care plan with their doctor. A multidisciplinary approach for cerebral palsy treatment often yields the best outcomes.

Find Support Networks for Parents with CP Children

Living with cerebral palsy is difficult not only for children but also challenging for their parents. Thus, it is important to know that you are not alone. Get help from your family when needed, try to connect with other parents who have kids with Cerebral palsy, and join local support groups. Go online and you can find many support groups, such as Special Child Assistance Network, Nayi Disha, etc.
So, connect and share your challenges, celebrate little achievements, and find happiness in each day. The future of a child with CP may seem uncertain, but don’t think that things will always remain the same. Take it one day at a time. Make sure your child gets cerebral palsy treatment consistently. Surround your child with supportive people and environment.
Instead of living with the worries of the future, be hopeful by focusing on milestones in front of you. Based on the needs, there are several cerebral palsy treatments available in Chandigarh at IIAHP to help your child improve and thrive.
IIAHP is one of the best cerebral palsy treatment centers in Chandigarh, India, offering a wide range of treatment options for children with cerebral palsy. Our cerebral palsy treatment options include physiotherapy, behavioral therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, homeopathy, brain gym therapy, balance board, prism therapy, archetype therapy, Iyengar yoga, tactile therapy, ora facial and logotherapy, and more. To help your child improve, we use a holistic approach and combination of therapies that will help your child the best way.
With your loving encouragement and the right cerebral palsy treatment, your child can reach new milestones and greater improvements.

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