IIAHP Success Story | Autism Treatment

Hello friends,

My name is Seema i have a autistic son Ishan right now about 9 years old. I had come to institute called IIAHP i had a sensitivity problem, and i had an about to resorted. I came here on the insensive from my father and really felt that I come at a good place. I joined the institute for 3 months and I carried out therapies to give my son. I was really shocked to see when i am getting results thai i was able to achieve in a short span of time. The first change I noticed in my son he is ready to give me responses which is almost nil. The second thing we notice that i am working with in a story to recall but i am not able to do this work from past 3 years. But within a span of one month he recall the story and i have introduced 7 new story and he is recalling all the stories very well. Many of the changes also come like discipline and perception all are going well also reading program very very helpful for my son. After seeing development in my son we are following continue what are the instructions by IIAHP. Now I can say that my son is now proper understanding sound system. Before he is not pronouncing the word clearly like we can say shirt he is pronouncing sht and I was always able to teach him cycling and i take a cycling plan and also have taken some home plans. Now I recommend all parents for IIAHP therapy center is best.

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