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Hello Parents,

My name is Chavvi Rajpal and my son is Rajat Rajpal and he is 11 years old. He’s diagnosed with down syndrome and I have recently moved to Chandigarh it’s being a year that I have been coming to IIAHP my reason to move to Chandigarh is IIAHP. I was taking therapist for rajat at gurgaon were have a situation is early on and we will going to Usual way with OT, PT and Speech Therapy etc. But a Year and half back i happen get to know about IIAHP and i came here for his assessment IIAHP told me about all the therapies that they will offering under one roof and I was very impressed that they would offering all these therapies which do not work on the output only they work other cause of problem in terms of brain development and I made up my mind to come to Chandigarh and m not at all disappointed i see a lot of change in Rajat since the past one year his awareness level has definitely increased he’s giving me much more eye contact his height has been increased due to lots of physical activities and exercises that is be over here. So overall m very happy with IIAHP and I would definitely like to recommend other parents to come and see this setup and choose for themselves. I would also like to tell that its very wonderful team here and no point I haven’t seen you know any kind of little even little aggressive behavior with a child it’s IIAHP has been able to make a wonderful team of therapist and they keep processing a child regularly and I m very happy to here.

Thank you very Much

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