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My child’s name is Raghav Sharma presently he’s around 9 year old. First time when we came to IIAHP during may 2015 we thought after getting the information through internet regarding some facilities available in Chandigarh they process the mental age over child is around 21 month they have given the details of several therapies are given by them they will start for the problem of speech and as well as other activity which was started in the month of June 2015 which going continuously  doing it since june of 2015 to till date and the first assessment office neurological assets in the month of January 2016 and a very good progress has been Seen. In which the therapist and assessment team has pointed out he has grown on around one year during the six month therapist he had undertaken at IIAHP and since then the regular therapy are going on we have seen a lot of improvements in our child because when we started in he was not interacting with the people his eyes conversions was very poor he is setting isolatedly, he was not interacting with the coming to the home we are facing it very difficult to make him socially aware but know not he’s aware about the things going around him he started delivery in speech area many conversation today they have vocabulary around 500 words which is constantly using regarding identification regarding pinpointing and in sentences he is also responding were he is totally confident to deliver the speech his replies.

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