Khushi Verma - IIAHP

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Child Diagnosis

Cerebral Palsy



My Child’s name is Khushi Verma and she is 3 Years and 9 Months. When i came IIAHP with our Child and that day they didn’t give any response, no eye contact and I also don’t know what issue with my child my relative will be preferred IIAHP. When i came at IIAHP then i didn’t know my child having CP Problem and that time she didn’t sit properly, she’s didn’t crawling, creeping and also she didn’t give eye contact and no response. At IIAHP i have 11 months and i see lots of changes in my child now she’s active too much and all her problems now she sitting properly, crawling, creeping and eye contact and also she’s response well.

Thank you very Much

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