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Today I’m sharing my experience of IIAHP journey. This is a story of three years before, when we come to know about that, our child is not properly eating, not properly talking or walking, and many other problems were there. We get confused how to do it. So we started looking for different options, how to do it Few peoples Tell us about therapy centers of Gurgaon, or in Chandigarh. After finding the Chandigarh IIAHP center economical, we proceeded there. There we come to know about many new things: Trust of heart and watching the courage of all the teachers & trainers of IIAHP we have joined over there. when the child was five years, We started therapies from there. Soon, slowly but surely, the child start getting a lot of improvement. The kid start walking, running, started talking, learns to reconcile the memories, So, we get confident, I therefore appeal to all the parents facing this problem and you are searching for options how to take treatment for our child, I will recommend you to join IIAHP center. You will definitely get results, have faith in God, keep up your courage, definitely things will improve. Thank you everyone.

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