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My name is Seema I have an autistic son Ishan right now about 9 years old. I had come to an institute called IIAHP about 2 years back when I was facing lots of issues that are hyper activities Minumum communication aggressive especially essentially issues I had and I want to resolve these and came here on the intensive from my father.

When I came here the way the staff instructed with me. and the issues which I concerning I really felt that I Came to a Good Place, After that I joined the institute for 3 months and I carried what about therapies to give my son. He was here for one month and after that going also intensively carried out the Programs for about 3 months, and, I was really shocked to see the kind of results that I was able to achieve in a short time. The first change I noticed in my son-in-law is that he is ready to give me responses which he is almost nill. and he was able to respond in his way and he was or every time he is communicating with me is response.

The second thing we notice is that earlier I am working within a story to recall but I am not able to do this work for the past 3 years and was not able to make him recall that story he was not able to fill out the gaps properly But within a span of one month, he recalls the story and I have introduced 7 new stories and I was Surprise that he was wonderfully followed these Stories and into recalling all them. Even Now as an introduce to him I never have the frustration that much I have to understand the stories, and I had a feeling that there is some difference in the understanding of the child. and every chance I have noticed is that the programs are really really helpful though it took a long time that is not able to consistently follow programs after I left the IIAPH Institute. Now I can confidently be said that he has started understanding the sound system and the single words I have Taught about him he now is able to pronounce them, and I was also able to teach him cycling imparticular and swimming with the help of therapies institute give me and I followed the cycling the resist me we are a span of every two months and I was able to 3 to 4 months in starting if the Programs are followed properly usually just around 40 days and I have come back to this institute I was Facing initially issues like hyperactivity touching the loose even communication Level also he is facing little bit stabilization and I have recommended to taking the home planes and I hope will resolve these issues as well and highly recommend to the parents to follow the programs of IIAHP Institute. Thank You

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