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I am Gulbag Singh Sodhi and my child is three years old. It started actually when my kid was not responding to the names. So at that time, we thought it is a common thing. But after some time we realized apart from not responding to the name, he was also intellectually not as part with the kids of his age.

Then we also notice many things which were not common. He was not playing with the kids, he was playing alone. Also, he was not responding to things which is normal kids of his age were responding. At that time he was doing 2.5 Year Old. So we just got in a conclusion, We got a suggestion from a doctor. Then he registers us for a belly test. We got the ballet test has done and we found that he rated my kid to a borderline case of autism. Exactly not autism He was saying he was good in something but lacking in many things behind.

So at that time we just search on the open-source and during the open-source search we found the site of IIAHP at Chandigarh. We immediately consulted them, although at that time the Covid Restrictions are there So we consulted online. Online the Therapist for the initial evaluation. They told us few activities of my kids to make it and ask a few questions to rate my kids at the current age. So at that time, they evaluated my child as 18 months old child who was two and half months years.

So we started a home plan. That home plan we followed for two months, then revaluated. Then when the Covid Restrictions eased. We also visited the center here and physically met with the therapist. We continued with the plan. It was reconnected time to time. We given our problems to the therapists. They recorrected the same thing time to time. And after some time we started seeing positive results. Firstly his intellectual level has increased. Now he has started playing along with the other kids and also he started responding to his name to a bit. So he started behaving better intellectually, cognitively. He started behaving well. His motor skills have improved, gross motor skills, fine motor skills. And I’m seeing a positive result in my kid and I recommend all the parents who also have a slight bit of doubt in their mind to get the child evaluated and get the therapy oblique suggestions at the right time so that the kids can come up well along with his peers is the right proportion of time at the right time. Thank you.

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