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My child’s name is Arav he is 5 years 3 month old basically i was thinking that was having no issue but during the diagnoses we came to know that he is having autism a bottom line autism we become for scores high scores during my surfing on the internet I came to know about IIAHP and we came here we got an appointment from IIAHP and we came here and we got our child they have an exclusive interaction with my child for an hour they expert team of IIAHP came called us according to the protocol they depth 1 hour work on him and they said that is the difference between chronological and the Basic age of father there is a difference there is a gap in between that is why he has having some issues during the first appointment we will quit happy with that because we got the way that Arav is on a right track and we got admission over here and Arav is coming here the issues basically we came to know about Arav like hand clapping, toe walking there was lack of understanding but it’s being more than 6 months and join the IIAHP and there is drastic change his hands clapping is totally gone he’s tries to speak words he repeat word the understanding is drastic that is a drastic changes in his understanding and I really Thankful to IIAHP.

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