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How Does Gratitude Affect Your Life and Brain & Change It for the Better

A negative perspective frequently breeds more negativity, whereas thinking positively about a situation or scenario yields sentiments of gratitude. Because the same part of the brain, that regulates emotions and behaviour regulates higher-order cognitive skills such as focus and attention. Gratitude can lead to thinking that is more creative, mentally productive and has a longer …

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learning disability

Learning Disability can be reversed

IIAHP program can help most children labelled with any learning disability or processing disorder. IIAHP can also correct the conditions that fall under the cluster of pervasive development disorders, which are characterized by the inability to socialize or communicate normally. Some researchers believe that more serious neurological disorders, most notably bipolar disorder schizophrenia, also fall …

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autism spectrum disorder

Can Autism be Cured

Children having Autism, developmental delay, Cerebral Palsy, autism, Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), Attention Deficit Disorder, hyperactivity, learning problems, dyslexia, etc have been considered untreatable in the past. The objective of IIAHP is to take mild, moderate as well as severe special needs children, and help them to achieve excellence physically, intellectually, physiologically and socially. The …

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New Center opening soon in California, USA

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