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Successful Autism Treatment

Which Is the Most Successful Treatment for Autism?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is the third most common developmental disorder. About 18 million Indians are diagnosed with autism, as per a report by ETHealthWord. Though there is no cure for ASD, different types of successful autism treatments are available to reduce its symptoms that impact the daily functioning, social life, and quality of life of children with the condition.

Autism impacts each person differently, requiring personalized and customized approaches for treatment. Thus, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment to manage symptoms of ASD.

However, according to a study, between 3% and 25% of children with less severe ASD characteristics who received early-age diagnosis and behavioral treatments have been reported to enter the normal range of cognitive, adaptive, and social skills.

Early diagnosis and treatment of autism is essential to achieve the best outcomes for children with ASD.

Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Not all individuals with ASD have the same symptoms or challenges. Characteristics of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder are as follows:

  • Difficulty communicating, making eye contact, or reading body language
  • Do not show emotions of happiness, sadness, anger, or shock
  • Do not respond to their names
  • Do not notice or realize when others are hurt or upset
  • Set objects in a specific fashion every time and get upset when order is disturbed by others
  • Repeat phrases or words (also called echolalia)
  • Have obsessive interests and get upset even by minor changes
  • Delay in speaking, movement, and cognitive functions
  • Hyperactive, impulsive, or inattentive behavior
  • Epilepsy or seizure
Autism spectrum disorder

Effective Autism Treatments Available in Chandigarh, India

1. Occupational Therapy

The main aim of occupational therapy is to help an autistic child or individual learn skills that allow them to live with higher independence. Occupational therapy focuses on teaching how to dress, eat, bathe, Etc.

2. Speech Therapy

Speech and Language therapy is another common treatment for children with developmental disorders, including ASD. It helps them learn to communicate properly and maintain back-to-back conversations by increasing their understanding and the use of speech and language.

3. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy for children with autism helps improve physical development skills, such as finger movements, maintaining correct posture, creating balance, and more. It includes activities and exercises that focus on building motor skills in children with ASD.

4. Social-Relational Treatments

Social-relational approaches help improve social interaction skills and build emotional bonds. These approaches may involve parents or peer mentors. For instance, the Floor time model, also called the Developmental, Individual Differences, and Relational (DIR) Model, involves parents and therapists to follow the interests of the autistic child to create opportunities for communication.

5. Neuro-structural Therapy

Neuro-structural integration therapy is based on the concept that our brain is not a single unit but a collection of interconnected parts. Once these parts are balanced, one can reach their highest potential. This approach may include various treatments, such as nutritional counseling, exercise, and yoga. It helps reduce hyperactivity, enhance body awareness, and improve neuro-motor reflexes.

6. Brain Gym Therapy

Brain gym therapy includes a series of movements to stimulate the brain function, improving learning and mental organization. It consists of simple exercises that can be done at home, school, or work. This therapy helps strengthen the harmony between the body and the mind. Some examples of brain gym exercises are cross crawling, brain buttons, and lazy eights.

7. Listening Therapy (AIT)

Also known as Auditory Integration Therapy. listening therapy is a technique developed to improve abnormal sound sensitivity in children with behavioral disorders, such as autism and during this therapy, children listen to music with carefully controlled volume. The therapy starts by playing familiar music and then introduces more challenging sounds to help children with the condition get used to the sounds that affect them.

Other Autism Treatment Options

  • Audio Visual Therapy
  • Prism Therapy
  • Art & Sensory Integration
  • Ora-Facial Reflex Integration and more

Note: If someone claims to cure autism, get fast results, or use terms like faith and miracle, stay away from them, as these are warning signs of fake treatment providers.

Make sure to seek autism treatment from a renowned treatment facility that offers evidence-based or research-based autism treatments.

Autism Therapies Treatment

Best Autism Treatment at IIAHP in Chandigarh, India

Based in Chandigarh, IIAHP is one of the most renowned autism treatment centers in India. It uses a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to help children with autism live as normal lives as possible. They offers a wide range of autism treatment programs, including behavioral therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, neuro-structural integration therapy, listening therapy, prism therapy, brain gym therapy, physiotherapy, and more to help autistic children manage their symptoms. It has experienced educators and therapists trained by foreign specialists twice every year.

For more information on Autism treatments, please get in touch with IIAHP today.

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